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The utter lack of research from main stream media

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I was watching an interview of BJP General Secretary Amit Shah by Rajdeep Sardesai of “hamam mein sab nange” fame yesterday. One particular interaction in that interview reminded me of the utter lack of research that our media folks suffer from, when it comes to facts about Modi and his team.

Watch the below video, especially 10:50 onwards.


Rajdeep tells Amit Shah “…remember that you are just out…in one of MANY cases that you have against you….”

The immediate response from Amit Shah is “…no Rajdeep ji….I have only one case against me…and even in that no charges have been framed yet…”

Rajdeep Sardesai backs off and does not counter this claim of Amit Shah at all! Even if Amit Shah made that up (which I don’t think he did), the fact that Rajdeep did not attempt to question Amit Shah’s response shows he had no knowledge of either the number or the type of cases that Amit Shah has against him.

Once again, it shows that when it comes Modi and his men, main stream media doesn’t need or want to know the truth. They are determined to run a vitriolic campaign against him, and towards that, lies and fabricated stories are perfectly acceptable instruments.


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May 14, 2014 at 9:16 am

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