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Karnataka Government: 2011-12 Agriculture Budget Highlights

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  • Agriculture revenue deficit 85,319 crores
  • Planned expenditure 47289 crores
  • Loans to farmers at 1% interest rate
  • A fund of 500 crores setup for Agriculture Infrastructure development
  • Rs 1000 crores for rejuvenation of lakes
  • Rs 100 crores for development of small ports
  • 12million units of electricity to be provided for farmers’ pumpsets
  • Educational loans for children of farmers
  • APMCs to be allowed to take loans upto 400 crores; Rs 40 crores granted
  • Support fund to be provided for silk worm cultivation
  • 13587 crores to be provided for improving water resources
  • Cash crop sector to get 200 crores grant
  • Flower cultivation sector to get 10 crores grant
  • Few cold storage units to be developed
  • Drip irrigation sector to get 100 crores
  • 3900 crores to be invested to ensure stable electricity supply
  • 100 crores budget for purchase of agricultural instruments/machines
  • “Bhu Chetana” program to be initiated in 30 districts
  • 1 lakh illegal pump sets in the state to be regularized
  • 5 crores granted for setting up 50 fish markets
  • Suvarna Bhumi yojana launched for helping 10 lakh farmer families
  • Bhadra upper canal project to be started
  • 125 crores grant for bio fuel sector
  • Diesel supply to mechanised fishing sector increased
  • “Savayava Krishi” award for Sri Tirthahalli Purushottama Rao
  • Budget increase by 21.7 percent
  • Global Agriculture Investment Meet to be held in June
  • Argiculture Universities to offer Diploma courses in Agriculture
  • 5 crores investment to increase seed production
  • 2 crores grant for improving paddy and sugar cultivation
  • 2 schemes called ‘Hasiru Honnu” and “Baradu Bangara” launched
  • Support money for rural cottage industries
  • Changes to be made to the land improvement act
  • 3 crores to tackle yellow fever
  • Copra processing units to come up in Tiptur and Chamarajanagar
  • Modern and big wholesale market to be setup
  • 18.7 crores to improve veterenary hospitals
  • Rural students to be exempt from producing income certificates
  • Animal food processing units to get 10 crores
  • Sugar research institutes in Mandya and Belgaum to get additional 2.5 crores
  • Flower business to be exempt from VAT. Flower auctioning centers granted 10 crores
  • “Nirantara Jyoti” program to get Rs 500 crores
  • Veterenary ambulances to be started
  • 50,000 aviary boxes to be distributed
  • Rs 60 crores granted for Bagalakot Agricultural College
  • “Krishi Ratna” award to be setup in memory of Professor Nanjundaswamy
  • Fishing and animal husbandry sector to get 1077 crores
  • Rs 100 crores for fetching Kabini water to Chamarajanagar
  • All old dams in the state to be repaired/renovated
  • 100 godowns to be created in 100 taluks of the state
  • Data regarding financial status of the government to be provided in finance department website once every 3 months
  • Mysugar Sugar Factor to be financially restructured

Written by Hariprasad

February 24, 2011 at 4:05 pm

2 Responses

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  1. agricultural budget – will it help the sector which has always been neglected?

    12 million units to be provided for farmers’ pumpsets. how much more it is than in previous years? from where do they get the additional energy? rob peter to pay pal or is there some pro-active measure?

    shankar mallipatna

    April 16, 2011 at 1:41 pm

  2. Its already june .. I have no idea about the implementation of global agricultural meet as stated in budget. .. Everything is a lie.. Just to make farmers fools

    Sudheer Jain

    July 14, 2011 at 7:17 am

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