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Dr Swamy’s prediction about incarceration of A Raja

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This is a quick post. So bear with me if things are not very clear.

Dr Subramanian Swamy, in an interview to Jaya TV has said this about A Raja going to Jail. Entire press release is available at Janata Party website.  Main highlight for me is following paragraph.

“Nothing happens without the advice of the Karunanidhi – something A.Raja himself made out in his justification for his resignation. A.Raja does suffer from Bhandhana yoga (astrological yoga for incarceration) which will be manifest in his moon dasa. He can not escape punishment. If A.Raja is brought under scrutiny, can Karunanidhi remain far away? But that depends on the how far the Congress leadership itself is part of the scam and have a share in the loot.”

From an interaction on twitter, got to know that A Raja’s birth details are May10 1963, in Perambalur. Further, one blogger plus astrologer Jayasree has done some research with various possible birth times on that day and blogged it here. Based on that analysis, it seems the prediction about Yoga for Bandhana and that too during the Dasha of Moon has come true!

“I dont have the birth time of A.Raja. From the birth details he has furnished in the MP election, I had drawn his horoscope. Though he has 2 planets in exaltation and 2 planets in own house, there is Kemadruma yoga of moon being alone and in debility. Moon and Mars have an exchange in their houses of debility. Reckoned from Moon sign, he suffers from Imprisonment yoga.”

Using the above information, I cast a chart for A Raja for 11:50PM on that date. Some major highlights are

  • Exalted Shukra and Surya. He had Shukra and Surya mahadashas last 27 years. Seems to have gone extremely well. Shukra is in 5th from Chandra. Surya is in 6th but is 10th Lord
  • Moon dasha has just about started. Note: Exact start date difficult to determine due to birth time not being known. But its definitely either in start of moon dasha or dasa-chidra period of Surya (ending phase)
  • His moon is debilitated in Vrischika.
  • Using moon chart, lagna lord mars is debilitated in 9th house (kona) and is conjoined with Rahu. Aspected by Shani in Makara and of course Ketu. Strong combination of Bandhana Yoga
  • Bandhana Yoga: One definition I am aware of is Lagna Lord or Sixth Lord in a Kendra or Kona aspected by Shani or Rahu. Note in A Raja’s case, Mars is both Lagna AND Sixth Lord!. Again using Moon chart. Strong Bandhana Yoga, I would say.
  • His next mahadasha, starting sometime in 2018 is that of Mars! Debilitated and aspected by Shani+Ketu and conjoined by Rahu. God help him!
  • Another important point, Dr Swamy’s interview & press release about this Yoga happened in November 2010, months before it manifested. So no one can claim it was retrofitting events to planetary combinations.

Disclaimer: I am a novice in astrology. Just some of my observations. Also have relied heavily on Jayasree’s blog for details.

Written by Hariprasad

February 17, 2011 at 3:36 pm

Posted in Astrology

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  1. Namaste Hariprasad,

    I came to your blog accidentally while i was searching for sarva samrpana gadyam. I saw you posts covers so many topics including the astrology, which i saw only few days back. i even requested for your email contact. could you please provide me your email id?



    February 17, 2011 at 6:07 pm

  2. Namaskara Hariprasad,

    Would it be possible to share Jayasree’s blog url ?



    February 20, 2011 at 5:44 pm

  3. i am also interested in astrology. i will get in touch with you later. my blog is mvsrinivasa.wordpress.com. please visit

    m v srinivasa

    August 19, 2011 at 10:51 am

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