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As guilty as the others

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Sri Yeddyurappa has released major ads in newspapers today highlighting the amount of land denotification that was done under the tenure of previous Congress and JD(S) Chief Ministers. The ad also highlights the discretionary site allocations made by previous chief ministers. The language of the ad is childish (for e.g. something like “Here are the details of the denotifications done by HD Kumaraswamy, who projects himself as if he is Satya Harischandra”)

If you catch any motorist in Bangalore on an unmanned junction for signal violation, the first thing he is likely to do is to point out how so many others are also doing the same. If you talk to anybody about bribing, the logic put forth would be similar. Everybody else does it, so do I. What’s wrong?

The leader of our state is using the same logic and standards. When other CMs have denotified lands and allocated sites, why are you singling me out?

The point, though, is not about what the previous ones did. It’s about whether such discretionary allocations and denotifications are legal and ethical, or not. But these politicians operate at a different level. They want the public to allow them to practice a certain level of corruption and unethical behavior. “Swalpa corruption aage aaguthe. Adjust maadi please..”

The majority of the public, I am sure, would sympathize with the emotional outbursts of the Chief Minister, especially in the light of his “I am not the only one doing this” revelations.

Times have changed. It is now “Yatha Prajaa, Tathaa Rajaa”.

We deserve them. We truly do!


Written by Hariprasad

December 7, 2010 at 1:40 pm

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