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Radio Show Contests!

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One of the radio stations of late has started an initiative where they claim not to repeat songs within 24 hours. The plus point is that they are playing a lot of old, good songs and hence the station has become more “tunable”. But, while claiming to not repeat any song, they have a competition at the same time where they will deliberately repeat one song every hour and the caller needs to identify the repeated song.

For two days last week, when I was driving back home in the evening, I was listening to this particular RJ conducting this contest in the most bizarre fashion. It goes something like..

” If you think I repeated the song abraca-dabra-abraca in the last one hour, SMS me with YES or NO….. I think we have someone on the line….Hello, did I repeat that song?”

Caller – “Yes you did”.

RJ – “Soooooorrrrryyyy, I did not repeat that song. Anyways you get a 1000 rupee voucher from this dustbin company” (No, I am serious, they give a voucher from a dustbin company for giving the wrong answer)

Immediately after that, the RJ announces..

“Unfortunately, caller XYZ could not give the correct answer. But you can still call or SMS and win Rs 2000 vouchers if you give the correct answer”

I mean, how dumber can the contest get? If the question has only YES or NO as answer and one caller has said YES and you declared to the whole world that the answer was wrong, how can the contest continue?


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February 1, 2010 at 8:47 pm

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