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The world’s most ingenious flood relief strategy!

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Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have been recently hit with possibly the worst flood in many decades. Crores of people have been displaced and lakhs of homes have been destroyed.

In the midst of all this, our Government had a survival crisis. Some of our ministers thought that it was right time to replace the Chief Minister. So they ganged up and threatened to drown the government and flooded the Chief Minister with several demands. To ensure that the Chief Minister or his men do not come up with any alternate “relief measure”, the “rebels” went away to Hyderabad and locked themselves in a resort. Of course, it is only a co-incidence that many of the MLAs were from North Karnataka!

After a compromise formula was worked out that ensured the Chief Minister will still keep floating, the “rebel stars” are back to Karnataka. Now they are trying to come up with ingenious answers to explain their absence from relief work in their constituencies. The best among these answers was from Renukacharya. The full article is available here.

I can’t stop laughing since I read that article. The following was his explanation –

“We had gone to Hyderabad not to enjoy ourselves but to study rural development and the problems in some of the villages in Andhra Pradesh”

Entire villages in Karnataka are flooded and our folks are on a visit to Andhra to “study rural development”?

His own colleagues are supposed to have laughed at this explanation of his. And then of course, he couldn’t come up with the names of the non-existent villages he visited.

Shame on our leaders for not even having the guilt that they betrayed their own people when needed the most!


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November 11, 2009 at 7:50 pm

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