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And we thought it was a serious issue!

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The Superman has spoken again. And this time, we have the most ingenious solution one can ever come up with. The problem of terrorism in India can be overcome in just 15 minutes. Yes, in only 15 minutes!

I reproduce the actual statement below.

“I am confident that this country can take on terrorism. Defeating it is no problem. If we empower those people in villages, we can sit back, relax and we will destroy terrorism in 15 minutes,”

When such simple, ingenious solutions exist to problems like terrorism, I am really disgusted by the attempts of Sri Advaniji and others to get us to believe that terrorism is a really tough problem to crack. Something that can be solved while we “..sit back and relax..” surely cannot be a poll issue!

I am already dreaming of that day when all the people in villages of India are empowered. 15 minutes after that auspicious Muhurtha,

  • I can roam around freely on the streets of Bangalore, visit malls without fear, watch movies in theatres without worrying about any bombs or blasts because the villagers of Karnataka would have been empowered.
  • People can fearlessly travel in aeroplanes between Delhi and Kathmandu because no terrorist will dare hijack the plane, lest the villagers of Delhi show the might of their empowerment.
  • The empowered villages of Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradhesh will frighten the hell out of terrorists who will then never attempt to plant any bombs in any crowded market of Delhi, Jaipur or Lucknow.
  • The people of Dispur will never again have to fear from any abandoned vehicle because, after all, the villagers of Assam would have been empowered.
  • The empowered villagers of Jharkhand will ensure that no terrorist will ever hijack any train. People can enjoy the train journey and the scenic views on the way.
  • All political leaders and industrialists can fearlessly go around without the need for Z category security. If they sense any threat, they only need to recall that their voters in villages have been empowered.
  • The Page 3 folks of Mumbai can enjoy unlimited number of parties in Taj and other five star hotels because the empowered villagers of Maharashtra will prevent any terrorists from entering into their city.

My only discomfort with this plan is that the effort estimate of 15 minutes has been made dependent upon the successful completion of the task of empowerment of the villagers. I would be utterly disappointed if the Supermen came with a clarificatory statement in the next few days saying that the empowerment task would take 500 or so years. But then, if curing terrorism itself is a 15 minutes job, empowerment of villages should not take more than a day or two, even under worst case scenarios.

Wow, I am already dreaming of the day when all of us can “sit back and relax”!


Written by Hariprasad

May 6, 2009 at 1:50 pm

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  1. Superman just keeps making silly comments… if he was going to be the PM of India one day… God save our country then


    May 7, 2009 at 1:56 am

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