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India not shining

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The heir-apparent has spoken again.

One more speech, one more “absurd” speech.

In order to understand epics, our great philosophers wrote Bhashyas (commentaries). These commentaries unraveled the hidden meanings of several statements in the original works and helped the reader understand better.

Rahul Gandhi’s speeches seriously requires such a commentary. In his latest speech in Assam, he says

“If you trust the poor, the country goes ahead faster. The poor in the country have shown that India is not shining contrary to the NDA’s claim”

According to the above statement, if the country needs to move faster, the poor need to be trusted. Which means you need a lot of poor people.

Secondly, he concedes that India is not shining. Even accepting that the NDA made false claims, he is confirming that the situation has not changed a bit.

Thirdly, in any typical election, the incumbents approach the electorate armed with their “achievements” while the opposition targets the lack of achievements by the ruling party. This election stands out for the incumbents’ approach of highlighting the previous government’s apparent failure. Be it Kandahar or India Shining, they almost only talk about the NDA government.  Given the lack of any serious achievement, we should perhaps excuse them for this strategy.

One more quotation from the same speech.

“Till there is one poor and one unemployed in the country, India cannot shine. This is our belief and we will go ahead holding everyone’s hand,”

There is not a single country in the world which can claim that there is not even one poor man or one unemployed man. Which means, according to him, India can *never* shine. It’s his belief,  you see..

Life goes on hope.  But RG’s belief about India’s inability to (ever) shine seems really firm.

I know its all election rhetoric. But you would expect a speech with at least a little substance from the “Yuvraj”, not such absurd stuff.

That particular speech has many more “gems”. But I am too irritated to comment on them. Enjoy!

“When Manmohanji and Soniaji won the last elections they made one promise to the people that if the UPA came to power it would be a government for the poor, common man, dalits and adivasis”

“A law was also made that if any Indian wants employment, the government guarantees that” – Note that it is entirely optional

“”Our farmers are helped by our government. Their Rs 7000 crore loan debt has been waived and the money given back to them to make a new future for them” – I thought if farmers took loans, *they* would need to return it and not the other way.

“”For children we have given mid-day meal in all government schools to help the very poor parents who can’t send their children to school as they have to work at home – Work at home?

“Manmohanji has relations with Assam and he has worked for the poor here” – I see…..

“He has taken up flood control projects and gave Rs 140 crore from the centre” – Of course, he is referring to the water problem and not  infiltration.

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April 21, 2009 at 3:41 pm

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  1. poor people… Jai Ho forever if you trust congress and Rahul baba’s words


    April 30, 2009 at 1:01 am

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