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Strong in Action?

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The UPA has started off a diatribe amongst Sri L K Advani, terming him as being “Strong in speech but weak in action“. The Prime Minister, the Super Prime Minister and the “heir-apparents” have all attacked him for mishandling the Kandahar episode. Their line of attack seems to be that it was wrong to let off a militant as it amounted to the nation buckling under pressure to terrorists who were holding the nation to ransom. Sure, there is a point in there. But then, there must be some really strong reasons why the UPA itself has done somethings that it has.

In Kannada, there is a saying which goes as “Tanna Eleyalli Katthe Biddidru Pakkadavana Eleyalli Nona Odisida” which loosely translates to “chasing the fly in the neighbour’s plate when one has a donkey in his own plate”. I am reminded of this when the UPA talks about “weakness in action”.

The last 5 years have been the “Rapid Growth” phase of terrorism in India. It has far outbeaten our fiscal growth and economic development. “Strong Inaction” is what I would term as the main reason for this uninhibited growth of terrorism. Actually, the right phrase would be “Strong in speech but stronger inaction”. Read my earlier post on the rhetoric of the government whenever there was a terrorist attack.

Worse still, the people of India are being denied justice as punishment is not being meted out to convicted terrorists. Case in point – Afzal Guru. The government says “….will go step by step to ensure punishment…” (quoted from previous link). The Supreme Court has convicted this man and sentenced him to death. What more steps are left to be taken?

And there are open protests within India against this man’s sentence. What “strong action” has been taken against them? Even more shameful, the previous (Congress) chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir has openly pleaded for mercy to Afzal Guru. What “strong action” has been taken against him? I reproduce below here the statement of the Congress spokesperson when questioned on Ghulam Nabi Azad’s plea for mercy to Afzal Guru.

I am neither endorsing, nor rejecting what the chief minister has said… It will be one of the inputs in the decision-making process… Congress has noted the proposal”

Note the words used in the above statement (reference is in the previous link I have provided – and emphasis mine).

“…nor rejecting…” : Nothing but outright rejection would have been the least they could have done to such an unbelievable “plea”. The Supreme Court found that man responsible for attacking the most sacrosanct symbol of Indian democracy and they do not reject a “plea” for mercy towards him?

“…..one of the inputs in the decision-making process….”. What decision is left to be made? Smacks of communal considerations.

We now have Kasab being tried for the Mumbai attacks. I am sure there will be people pleading for “mercy” towards him soon. We do not need PMs and parties who will take such requests as “inputs in decision making”. We need PMs who are so weak in action that they see implementing court decisions as the easy way out on these cases.

The UPA folks have been saying that the danger to India is from within. That’s the only point where I can’t agree with them more.


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April 14, 2009 at 7:16 am

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  1. And the biggest joke so far — Raul Vinci is planning to sue The Indian Express ‘after’ the elections for publishing the truth about his (lack of) qualification and lies.

    Now that surely must rate as the first time a newspaper is being sued for publishing the truth!

    Ananth Narayan

    April 14, 2009 at 10:38 am

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