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Where were you, dear Media?

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Last week, there were clashes between two groups resulting in communal tension in Mysore. Result – four temples were destroyed. A former mayor was attacked and property destroyed. The main stream media (MSM) reported about this for maybe …hmmm….let’s see ….two mins?

Read this article here. The report has a few disturbing photographs as well. This incident did not happen in Pakistan, nor did it occur in Kashmir, but in Namma Mysooru.

Where were you, dear MSM?

Varun Gandhi was already in jail….and you still didn’t have the time to cover this?
Sanjay Dutt was already rejected as a candidate…..and you still didn’t have the time?
Rajnath Singh and Jaitley were no longer squabbling (not that they were anytime earlier)….and you still didn’t have the time?
Rahul Gandhi was not even filing his nomination….and you still didn’t have the time?

But maybe….just maybe….you had more important election issues to cover. Like your coverage of…..hmmm….ok….I am sure they do cover important issues….maybe its just my fault that I don’t happen to notice it.


Written by Hariprasad

April 6, 2009 at 1:58 pm

One Response

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  1. Media was busy hari… Rahul and Sonia akhadakke ilita idru…. you must have understood very well about the bias by the English media… did you even see what Kagodu Timmappa spoke… he and his party should be kicked out of Karnataka


    April 7, 2009 at 1:55 am

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