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What Chaplin stood for..

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The film stars of Karnataka are going to now protest – against the protest – to install a Charlie Chaplin statue. It does not matter if the only people claiming it as having a communal tinge are the ‘anti-protesters’ themselves. Looks like appropriateness should never be questioned. It does not matter if the statue looks out of place, being close to a temple – or the temple serenity gets destroyed, because of the statue nearby. Opposition because a temple is nearby is communal, according to the anti-protesters.

Now, the anti-protesters also highlight aspects of what Chaplin stood for, in order to make a case against the protests. Here is a quote…

Film historians find the controversy doubly ironic because Chaplin had repeatedly expressed his opposition to organised religion, including Christianity

I think its better not to step into that territory – about what Chaplin believed in, stood for, advocated, or got embroiled into. The following are from Wikipedia’s article on Charlie Chaplin….

“Chaplin’s political sympathies always lay with the left”

“For most of World War II he was fighting serious criminal and civil charges related to his involvement with actress Joan Barry”

“During the era of McCarthyism, Chaplin was accused of “un-American activities” as a suspected communist sympathizer and J. Edgar Hoover, who had instructed the FBI to keep extensive secret files on him, tried to end his United States residency”

“During World War I, Chaplin was criticised in the British press for not joining the Army”

“For Chaplin’s entire career, some level of controversy existed over claims of Jewish ancestry”

“Chaplin has also figured in the mysterious events surrounding the death of producer Thomas Ince aboard the yacht of William Randolph Hearst in 1924, one of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries”

“Chaplin’s lifelong attraction to younger women remains another enduring source of interest to some”

The article also details his involvement with at least 12 women in his lifetime, most of whom were very young compared to him.

The only reason for the statue seems to be the goal of obtaining a Guinness Record. Maybe the Guinness folks won’t consider the statue of any other Indian personality. Hmmm…

To top it all, the idea was to show the statue in a song sequence in a Kannada movie. And the movie story is “about two guys who are always stumbling on to new ideas to please their girlfriends”. I am wondering if the statue will be appropriate even in the movie, let alone the beach!

P.S: The movie is called “Housefull”. According to this report, Kannada movies cannot have non Kannada titles.


Written by Hariprasad

March 17, 2009 at 4:19 pm

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