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Drive slow – else you could break your back!

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These days, I take an alternate route to office from my home in Bannerghatta Road. After cruising through the NICE road for 8kms, I take the road connecting Hosur Road and Sarjapur Road, starting from the “Hosa Road” junction. Overall, my travel time reduces considerably if I take this stretch. Lesser traffic and far fewer traffic signals.

Even with these benefits, I get very tired by the end of the day. I realized that the drive between Hosur Road and Sarjapur Road may be taking a toll on my body. This stretch is a nice, newly laid road and so is very deceptive. Someone who uses this stretch for the first time may only get an uncomfortable feeling about the ‘numerous’ road humps on this stretch. But, once you start to use it regularly, it can get seriously frustrating, and tiring.

Today, I decided to do some research. And believe me, the results are shocking! The stretch is 6.1kms long. And there are 44, I repeat, 44 road humps in this stretch. That makes it, on an average, 1 road hump every 139 metres. Can any other road in the world beat that! I bet not. There is not a single traffic signal on that stretch, and no bottlenecks. It still takes over 20 mins to cover the stretch. Which means the average speed on this stretch is about 18kms per hour – not much of an improvement when compared with other roads.

The engineer who designed this road surely must be complimented. I am wondering if the road laying project has been sponsored by some of the leading “Ortho” hospitals of Bangalore. One explanation I keep hearing is that whenever new roads are laid, the ‘localites’ bully the workers to lay road humps near their localities. It slows down the speeding vehicles and prevents accidents while crossing roads. But a road hump every 140 metres is just too much to handle. And I also notice that vehicle drivers get frustrated after a while and drive really recklessly in the ‘hump-intervals’.

Of course, some blame also lies with us – the car users of Bangalore, who zoom all over the roads of Bangalore, without any care for pedestrians or fellow vehicle-users, or any regard for traffic rules. I guess we only get what we deserve.

Lastly, a piece of advice. If you have a back ailment, or are pregnant – don’t dare take this road!


Written by Hariprasad

March 6, 2009 at 1:36 pm

Posted in Bangalore

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  1. Oh wow! Unbelievable. My current record is 25 road humps I encounter between my sister’s house and mine, 10 Kms apart. Your record beats this by miles.

    Sripathi Kodi

    March 6, 2009 at 1:51 pm

  2. Hari,
    Please forward this article to Times of India.
    It should be an eye opener to the concerned

    Good writing.

    nvs bhat

    March 7, 2009 at 9:53 am

    • Hi Chikappa,

      The road surely deserves more coverage in the print media, I agree.

      Thanks for your wishes!
      Regards, Hari


      March 8, 2009 at 10:21 pm

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