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Its simply too predictable!

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A couple of months ago, I wrote this article on my blog. In that article, I casually mentioned a sequence of events that may take place. This list was built on the basis of what I keep seeing after every such incident. Two of the things I mentioned there were

  1. A high flying delegation of ‘modern’, ‘rational’ literary folks visit Pakistan as part of a cultural exchange program
  2. News channels run SMS polls on “how to improve Indo-Pak relations further”

Its amazing to see that both are already happening!!

  1. Indo-Pak artists to play a role in the peace process
  2. We, the people

In link 1 above, the following point I made in the old post can also be seen.

  1. Pak team members make ‘prepared’ speeches about great hospitality of Indians and ‘common blood’

Of course, two other things I mentioned on that list have also happened.

  1. India submits a list
  2. The list is thrown into a garbage bin by Pak

Its just too predictable! In a few months, 26/11 would be a distant memory. And our system (executive, legislative, press, media) would have played a very active role in ensuring 26/11 is forgotten. The next tragedy will then strike. And we will be back to square one.


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February 3, 2009 at 4:44 pm

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