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Hadidde Haado Kisubai Daasa

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That Kannada saying is used to describe a situation when someone harps on the same thing again and again.

That’s what I think of when I listen to the “demands” of the Indian government sent to the Pakistan government (if you can call it one). After every major mishap, we send a “list” of names and demand that they be handed over. Why? If we are so sure that Pakistan, as a state, is sponsoring terrorism in India, that state is the offender. Even if Pakistan someday hands over a few of the Dawoods, Azhars and others, their prosecution would be narrow justice. 

If we hang those people in the “list”, it wouldn’t stop terrorism against India. While it may be necessary from a legal point of view to identify “individuals” who perpetrate terror and prosecute them, the Government needs to understand (maybe it does, but then) that the “problem” is not the individuals the Pak government is safeguarding – its the Pak government itself.

If we do manage to get those in the “list”, I am sure a couple of years down the line, we will still be sending new lists to Pakistan after a major terror attack, only that the names would be different. 

Most of us realize by now that the Pak government will never hand over those in the list, not after so many years of denial! No nation on earth would do such a move and accept that they are harboring terrorists. That being the case, why don’t we look at alternatives. Still looking at it from the narrow point of view of capturing those individuals, doesn’t our executive wing have any ideas on capturing them. The death of those masterminds need not be physical. Can’t our government “kill” them through other means? How is it that they still wield so much control and influence while hiding in the remote hills of Pakistan?

On to the other issue now. India is supposed to be the emerging “superpower” of the world. Aren’t there any measures that we can take to teach Pakistan a “lesson” – economically, culturally.  It is disgusting to see the Pakistan cricket captain suggest that cricket is the best way to heal relations now. Who says we want relations with them to heal? Why doesn’t the government (better still the BCCI) official declare all sporting relations with Pakistan as over? Yes, BCCI will lose several hundred crores – but that’s some pressure on Pak at least. We influence the cricketing world with our money power. Why don’t we put pressure on other nations to stop sporting and cultural relationships with Pak.

The point is, Pakistan is hurting us – and they are not heeding to nice words. And showing the other cheek isn’t going to work here. India needs to arm twist as well. Ban all trade with them – yes – we will lost hundreds of crores,  for sure. But what about the hundreds of crores we are losing every time one of our cities are blasted. 

We see the same steps being taken every time a disaster occurs

  • Initial reports are pointing to Pak involvement
  • India strongly condemns the crime
  • Some bigshot from US visits both nations, and speaks different tones.
  • India submits a list
  • The list is thrown into a garbage bin by Pak
  • Secretaries meet
  • Threats of stopping discussions are issued
  • Several months pass by
  • Public forgets everything
  • A high flying delegation of ‘modern’, ‘rational’ literary folks visit Pakistan as part of a cultural exchange program
  • We host their comedians on our shows and heap praise on them
  • Pakistan cricket team visits India
  • Pak team members make ‘prepared’ speeches about great hospitality of Indians and ‘common blood’
  • They are given a standing ovation after defeating us (even in games)
  • News channels run SMS polls on “how to improve Indo-Pak relations further”

Written by Hariprasad

December 5, 2008 at 4:39 pm

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  1. …….and an other blast takes place and the cycle repeats..

    Arun Kumar

    December 10, 2008 at 9:20 am

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